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I am an Associate Professor and the Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Computer Science at Georgetown University. My specialization is database systems, data mining, and data science. My general research interests are mining social networks and other dynamic graphs, anomaly detection, graph databases, data reduction of large graph data sets, privacy preserving data mining, and visual analytics.

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- Big Data Strategic Initiative Workshop (BDSI-2015)

- University article on GU Women Coders (2014)

- Using the Internet to Enhance Scholarship presentation slides (2013)

- CS4HS Workshop for High School teachers (2013)

- Nature Communications article (2012)

- NSF PI Workshop (III-2010) website

- Women in Computing Luncheon (2008)

- GU article (2008)


latest news

January 2015
Hosted Big Data Workshop (BDSI-2015)


Fall 2014
Awarded Mass Data Institute Seed Grant with Shweta Bansal to improve our understanding of the spatial dynamics of flu to better inform public policy


Fall 2014
Awarded Mass Data Institute Seed Grant with Susan Martin for using social media to better understand population displacement


Republic 3.0 article about GU Women Coders


Awarded ITEL grant with Shweta Bansal to teach network science to non-majors


Spring 2014
CS&E Club teaches Scratch at Lab School


GU Women Coders is born!


Invited talk at IPAM Workshop on the Mathematics of Social Learning


University presentation on using the Internet to enhance scholarship


Georgetown CS4HS workshop complete!


Google Award - Workshop for Computer Science for STEM Teachers


Best paper award at SocialInformatics 2012 for paper entitled "Stability vs. Diversity: Understanding the Dynamics of Actors in Time-varying Affiliation Networks "


Jason Robinson successfully defends his PhD dissertation entitled "Modeling Spanish mood choice in belief statements "


NSF Awards Grant - "Assessing Online Information Exposure Using Web Footprint "


Frank Nagle successfully defends his Master's thesis entitled "Efficient Anonymization of Vulnerable Individuals in Social Networks "


Nayyara Samuel successfully defends her Master's thesis entitled "Quantifying and Ranking Bias in Social Networks "


Nature Communications article published - " Social networks reveal cultural behaviour in tool-using using dolphins "



Aditi Ramachandran wins best student paper award at PST 2012 for paper entitled "Exploring re-identification risks in public domains "


John Ferro successfully defends his senior thesis entitled "Identifying Individual Vulnerability Based on Public Data - A Senior Thesis "


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