lisa singh


I am an Associate Professor and the Director of Graduate Studies in the Department of Computer Science at Georgetown University. I am also an affiliate of the Mass Data Institute (MDI). My specialization is what I like to call - data-centric computing. It means that I work on lots of aspects of data driven computer science - data mining, data privacy, data science, and data visualization to name a few. I like working with noisy, messy, partial data to determine what its limitations are, what I can say about it, and what I can learn from it in ethical, privacy-preserving ways.

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research projects:

- Privacy and WebFootprinting

- Forced Migration (collaboration w/ ISIM)

- Animal Networks (collaboration w/ Shark Bay Dolphin Project)

- Election Dynamics (collaboration w/ Gallup & University of Michigan)


- GU Women Coders (guWeCode)

- ACM Capital Region Celebration of Women in Computing (2017 - at GU)

- CS4HS Workshop for High School teachers (2013)

- Women in Computing Luncheon (2008)

meetings & workshops:

- NSF Big Data Research and Hubs and Spokes PI Meeting (2017)

- NSF Big Data PI Workshop (BDPI-2016)

- NITRD Big Data Strategic Initiative Workshop (BDSI-2015)

- NSF Information Integration & Informatics (III-2010)

select papers & reports:

Overlapping target event and storyline detection of online newspaper articles. (2016) IEEE International Conference on Data Science and Advanced Analytics. Received Best Paper Honorable Mention Award Download

NSF Big Data PI Meeting Final Report - 2016 Download

Public Information Exposure detection: Helping users understand their web footprints.(2015) IEEE/ACM International Conference on Advances in Social Networks Analysis and Mining (ASONAM) Received Best Paper Runner-up Award Download

Spearheading Innovation in the Face of Massive Data. (2015) NITRD Big Data Strategic Initiative Meeting Final Report - 2015 Download

Stability vs. Diversity: Understanding the dynamics of actors in time-varying affiliation networks.(2012) ASE/IEEE International Conference on Social Informatics. Received Best Paper Award.Download

Social networks reveal cultural behaviour in tool-using using dolphins. (2012) Nature Communications. Download

A list of my publications

latest news


gu-WeCode Coding Party - over 60 people coding!! Hoya Article


Reprint of Clinton topic visual analytic The Hill Article


Hoya Hacks - Take 2


Best paper runner up at DSAA 2016


"Email" Dominates What Americans Have Heard About Clinton Gallup Article


Invited roundtable panelist at APSA annual meeting - New data on militant groups


Invited panelist at ASONAM - Social network analysis for the social good


Lectured at the National Security Student Seminar about privacy in the era of social media


Kevin Tian defends undegrad interdisciplinary thesis


Jordan King defends undegrad CS thesis


Hosted NSF Big Data PI meeting


Invited talk at FISSEA 2016


GU's first Hackathon Hoya Hacks


Invited talk at Data Science Meetup


Best paper runner up at ASONAM 2015


Dennis Quinn defends undergrad interdisciplinary thesis


Janet Zhu defends undergrad CS thesis


Andrew Hian-Cheong defends undergrad CS thesis


January 2015
Hosted Big Data Workshop (BDSI-2015)


Fall 2014
Awarded Mass Data Institute Seed Grant with Shweta Bansal to improve our understanding of the spatial dynamics of flu to better inform public policy


Fall 2014
Awarded Mass Data Institute Seed Grant with Susan Martin for using social media to better understand population displacement


Republic 3.0 article about GU Women Coders


Awarded ITEL grant with Shweta Bansal to teach network science to non-majors


Welles Robinson defends undergrad thesis


Spring 2014
CS&E Club teaches Scratch at Lab School


GU Women Coders is born!


Invited talk at IPAM Workshop on the Mathematics of Social Learning


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