GUCL: Computational Linguistics @ Georgetown


GUCL members, 2018-04-10
Trevor Adriaanse Trevor Adriaanse
MS student, Linguistics
Shabnam Behzad Shabnam Behzad
Ph.D. student, CS
information retrieval, NLP
Austin Blodgett Austin Blodgett
Ph.D. student, Linguistics
CL & NLP, computational semantics, mathematical approaches to linguistics
Rob Churchill Rob Churchill
Ph.D. student, CS
data mining, machine learning, text mining
Ophir Frieder Ophir Frieder
Professor, CS & Georgetown Medical Center
information retrieval, text mining, bioinformatics, wireless networks
Joe Garman Joe Garman
Assistant Professor, Nursing & Human Science
CL & NLP, speech recognition & signal processing
Luke Gessler Luke Gessler
Ph.D. student, Linguistics
CL & NLP, computational methods in language documentation
Nazli Goharian Nazli Goharian
Clinical Professor, CS
information retrieval, text mining, biomedical/health informatics
Michael Kranzlein Michael Kranzlein
Ph.D. student, CS
CL & NLP, machine learning, data science
Janet Yang Liu Janet Yang Liu
Ph.D. student, Linguistics
CL & NLP, discourse structure
Sean MacAvaney Sean MacAvaney
Ph.D. student, CS
information retrieval, NLP
Emma Manning Emma Manning
Ph.D. student, Linguistics
Ryan A. Mannion Ryan A. Mannion
BA+MS student, Linguistics
CL & NLP, syntax, morphology
Karen McNeil Karen McNeil
Ph.D. student, Arabic Linguistics
NLP, sociolinguistics
Yifu Mu Yifu Mu
Undergraduate, CS major/Linguistics major
NLP, language generation, MT
Siyao (Logan) Peng Siyao (Logan) Peng
Ph.D. student, Linguistics
CL & NLP, syntax, language diversity
Paul Portner Paul Portner
Professor, Linguistics
formal semantics, syntax/semantics interface, grammar formalisms, semantic representation, cognitive science
Jakob Prange Jakob Prange
Ph.D. student, CS
CL & NLP, semantics, syntax, MT
Bradford Salen Bradford Salen
Ph.D. student, Linguistics
computational approaches to second language processing, L1 acquisition, and psycholinguistics
Nathan Schneider Nathan Schneider
Assistant Professor, Linguistics & CS
CL & NLP, especially semantic representation, annotation, & analysis
Lisa Singh Lisa Singh
Professor, CS
social graph mining, text mining, data science, visual analytics
Sajad Sotudeh Sajad Sotudeh
Ph.D. student, CS
NLP, IR, medical and scientific text processing
Sichang Tu Sichang Tu
MS student, Linguistics
Shira Wein Shira Wein
Ph.D. student, CS
NLP, text mining
Eugene Yang Eugene Yang
Ph.D. student, CS
unsupervised learning, NLP
Grace Hui Yang Grace Hui Yang
Associate Professor, CS
information retrieval, text mining, NLP, machine learning, privacy
Tianjiao (Joey) Yu Tianjiao (Joey) Yu
MS student, CS
CL & NLP, syntax, semantics
Yue Yu Yue Yu
Ph.D. student, CS
NLP, reinforcement learning
Amir Zeldes Amir Zeldes
Associate Professor, Linguistics
corpus building, search and visualization; coreference resolution; digital humanities
Yifan Zhu Yifan Zhu
MS student, Linguistics
CL & NLP, syntax
Yilun Zhu Yilun Zhu
Ph.D. student, Linguistics
CL & NLP, formal semantics, corpus linguistics
Julie Hockett Julie Hockett
Undergraduate, CS major/Linguistics minor →2017 Google
text mining, data science, NLP
Angela Yang Angela Yang
Undergraduate, CS major/Linguistics minor →2017 Amazon
information retrieval, dynamic search, signal processing
Shuo Zhang Shuo Zhang
Ph.D. student, Linguistics →2017 Bose
CL & NLP, coreference resolution, speech prosody, time-series data mining, music information retrieval
Arman Cohan Arman Cohan
Ph.D. student, CS →2018 Allen Institute for AI
NLP, information retrieval, medical text processing
Jiyun Luo Jiyun Luo
Ph.D. student, CS →2018 Pinterest
information retrieval, session search, dynamic search
Dan Simonson Dan Simonson
Ph.D. student, Linguistics →2018 BlackBoiler
CL & NLP, narrative, coreference, critical discourse analysis, modality, using NLP for real-world problems
Luca Soldaini Luca Soldaini
Ph.D. student, CS →2018 Amazon
medical information retrieval
Clarissa Somers Clarissa Somers
Undergraduate, Linguistics & CS →2018 CiBO → M*Modal
Stacy Petersen Stacy Petersen
Ph.D. student, Linguistics →2018 MITRE
NLP, big data extraction, phonetics/phonology, speech recognition & signal processing
James Maguire
Ph.D. student, Linguistics →2019 ABAKA
neural networks, computational & formal semantics, theory of computation
Lucia Donatelli Lucia Donatelli
Ph.D. student, Spanish Linguistics →2019 Saarland University
formal semantics, syntax/semantics interface, NLP
Akitaka Yamada Akitaka Yamada
Ph.D. student, Linguistics →2019 Surugadai University
corpus lingusitics, Bayesian stats, NLP, formal semantics
Mitchell Abrams Mitchell Abrams
MS student, Linguistics →2019 Army Research Lab
computational forensic linguistics, corpus linguistics, authorship attribution
Sean Simpson Sean Simpson
Ph.D. student, Linguistics →2019 Google
CL & NLP, computational sociolinguistics