Students and Research Assistants

Inquiries about working with me as an undergraduate student: If you're a student at Georgetown and you can code and you're interested in machine-learning research, feel free to send me an e-mail or stop by during office hours for a chat. My preference is to start work on a project no later than the start of your junior year so you'll have opportunities to publish, work on a senior thesis, and work with me over a summer, preferably with funding from GUROP.

Inquiries about working with me as a graduate student: If you are interested in working with me as a graduate student, thank you for your interest! There is no need to contact me by e-mail. Only the Graduate Committee makes decisions about admission using only the required materials submitted through the application system. Your best course is to apply to our Ph.D. program and identify me as a prospective adviser in your statement. If the Graduate Committee determines that your application is competitive, then I will have an opportunity to review it. If the Graduate Committee admits you and if you decide to matriculate, then we can chat about working together. We do not pair students with advisors at the time of admission, and there is a number of people at Georgetown doing interesting work in machine learning, data mining, and related areas. If you feel you must contact me by e-mail, please include the word hopscotch in the subject so I know you've read this statement. Note that I do not open PDF document sent from people I do not know.


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