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Bala Kalyanasundaram

Craves Family Professor of Computer Science Email:kalyan@cs.georgetown.edu
Computer Science Department Phone: (202)687 2709
Georgetown University FAX: (202)687 1835
Washington, DC 20057

Research Interests: Algorithms Communication Complexity Computational Science Concrete Complexity


Algorithms Complexity Learning


CoSc010 , CoSc012, CoSc071, CoSc160, CoSc240, CoSc385, CoSc393 CoSc540 CoSc545

Projects: A new communication complexity measure for computing functions distributively


Vita (old) Vita (old) in pdf format.

Research contributions of Bala are supported in parts by

Craves Endowed Professor Fund National Science Foundation (CCF and CNS 1738058). modified by Bala in August 2019.