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COSC 010: Introduction to Computing

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Bala Project

Bala Project Executable

Final Project by Students:

Anthony's Project

James's Project

Jeff's Project

Julie's Project

Tom's Project

Nnamdi's Project

Pike's Project

Zac's Project

Games By Students

BlockBreaker game by Bala

Anthony's Game

James's Game

Jeff's Game

Julie's Game

Tom's Game

Nnamdi's Game

Pike's Game

Zac's Game

Bala's Whack Game

Bala's Block Breaker Game

Tetris Game (By Bala and his student John Lander)


July 25, 2005

Interesting Links

  • Animating Characters in Flash MX
  • Pointers to Interesting Flash Sites
  • Trascription Animation

  • Copyright Notice: These are student projects. These projects are meant to demostrate their skills. If any part of the project is violating any copyright rule and you are the current owner of the document, please let me know. I will gladly remove the piece.