About Me


Next position

Effective July 1, 2022, I am Research Director of the Commonwealth Cyber Initiative at Virginia Tech.

Research Professor of Computer Science

With over 25 years of senior executive experience in industry and over 10 years in academia, including close to four years of service as a senior official in the Federal government, spanning both Republican and Democratic administrations, I bring this industry, academic, and Federal experience to my students, research, and corporations that I advise.

I have worked at, founded, and turned around companies of all sizes, from 7-person private companies; starting top-tier venture companies; being the officer of a top-tier private equity company; to being the CTO of NASDAQ-listed and NYSE-listed companies. Lots more details at https://www.standardstrack.com/.

Contacting Me

The Georgetown directory has my email address and office phone number. Be aware that as a telecom geek, the office phone will try to find me wherever I am. Be mindful if you are calling at midnight. Likewise, if it is mid-day in Washington, it is midnight in Beijing.

Unless the sky is falling, I am unresponsive Friday afternoon through Sunday. If the sky is falling, send an urgent email. Otherwise, I’ll get back to you Sunday or Monday. If you are asking for money, make sure your interests match my funded research interests. If you are selling stuff, I don’t buy much stuff. If you want to fund research, please contact me.

If you want to come work for me as a student, postdoc, or research scientist/faculty, read this page carefully.