Dr. Nazli Goharian

Introduction to Database

Course Description:

The focus of the course is covering fundamental database concepts in the relational database management system (RDBMS) on the subjects: relational data modeling and design, abstract relational languages, and structured query language (SQL). Students design and implement a database application for their project. Few sessions are allocated to provide a general overview of several topics such as integrating structured data and text, query optimization, recovery, concurrency control, data warehousing, and data mining.

Course Goals - Students should be able to:



Course Announcements/ Discussion Board/ Class Notes:

Located on the blackboard!


You should have one of these textbooks-- your choice to choose! Both are very good books:

Grading (Tentative-will be finalized by the 1st day of the class!)

Project 34% A final demo of the project will be given to me.

Assignments 16% SQL HW (8%)

Design HW (8%)

Information will be on Blackboard!

Exams 50% Two or Three Exams. Detail will be announced in the class! Exam Dates: TBD - will be announced in the class and on the Blackboard as the semester progresses. NO makeup exams will be given if you do not show up in the exams, unless it has been an emergency health related matter, in which case you need to bring me a doctor note and contact me ASAP! !!

Date: TBA


Students are given the system description and requirements of an enterprise and asked to design the system, document the design, create the database, implement the business requirements, user queries and database transactions, and a user interface for the application. The interface is used for the user to insert data, delete data, update data and finally query data. Deliverables include a is database design document, test document, and the software. Students are required to give a demonstration of their working application by the project due date. The detailed description of the group project will be provided in a separate handout. Students are required to use a commercial or open source RDBMS (needs to be discussed with me) for the back-end of their database application. Any programming language may be used.

Course Content (Tentative):

Introduction to Relational Model
Relational Algebra
Structured Query Language (SQL)
Relational Database Design (ERD, Functional Dependency, Refrential Integrity, Normalization,...)
Integration of Structured Data and Text
Overview of: Query Optimization, Recovery, Concurrency Control
Overview of Data Warehousing & Data Mining

Late Assignment Policy:

Assignments MUST be submitted on or before their due date. No late assignment will be assigned a grade.In fact the grade for a late submission will be a zero! Please try not to ask for an extension as no extension will be awarded. If you are not able to finish your assignment by the due date and time, simply submit whatever of the assignment you have done to get some points rather than a zero. The students are encouraged to re-work on the incomplete assignments. This does not change the grade for that assignment, however will be considered if the final grade is in border-line.

Academic Integrity:

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