Nazli Goharian

Health Search and Mining

Course Description & Coverage:

The lectures will cover topics on Medical / health search and mining. After providing a review on related search and mining aspects that will be useful/necessary for this class, the following topics will be covered: Collections (benchmarks), resources, and tools in the medical domain, Language gap (medical text vs lay health terms), Medical/health Synonym discovery, Clinical Decision Support, Social media and health surveillance, Information extraction from clinical notes / reports, Summarization of [bio]medical literature, Classification / Triaging of clinical reports, Detection of depression and triagging mental health from forum posts/ tweets.


Graduate Students (& comfortable in programming & comfortable in presentation and discussion); Undergrad Students with Permission Only.

Lecture Notes:

Will be posted in the class Forum.

Tasks & Grading: (tentative; will be finalized on the first day of the class!)

Research presentations (~40%): current literature (Survey) on specific topic. The topics is picked among the course topics.

project (~50%): Students & I together decide on each groups project (groups size 1-3 TBD)! Each group will communicate with me ~every couple of weeks to discuss the progress and receive advise! This is an implementation project, where each group works on a different medical/health related topic.

Class attendance & participation (~10%):

Academic Integrity:

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