COSC-3450: Artificial Intelligence

Homework 1 (Optional)
Spring 2024

If you're wanting to practice your first-order theorem proving skills—who doesn't, really?—here's a problem for you. For the following argument, symbolize the premises and conclusion in an appropriate representation, and use resolution to extract the answer to the question.

Quinn, Alex, and Blake are members of the Alpine Club. Every member of the Alpine Club is either a skier or a mountain climber or both. No mountain climber likes rain, and all skiers like snow. Alex dislikes whatever Quinn likes and likes whatever Quinn dislikes. Quinn likes rain and snow. Who is a member of the Alpine Club who is a mountain climber but not a skier?

You can see my worked solution in this YouTube video:

This is after Problem 16.4 from Nilsson (1998). Artificial Intelligence: A New Synthesis. San Francisco, CA: Morgan Kaufmann.

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