COSC-270: Artificial Intelligence

Project 1
Fall 2017

Due: R 9/28 @ 5 PM
4 points

  1. Write the function min-max-i that uses the do form to find the minimum and maximum values in a list of numbers. The function should return these two values in a list. Do not use the min and max functions in your implementation.

  2. Same problem as above, but use recursion to implement the function min-max-r.

  3. Same problem as above, but use apply, min, and max to implement min-max-a.

  4. Encode the following tree as a list assigned to a globally declared variable. Write two Lisp functions, preorder and postorder, that return as a list the pre-order and post-order traversals of the tree passed in as the argument, respectively.

    For example,

    > (preorder *tree*)
    (O R E G O ... )

  5. Encode the following graph using property lists. Write the function dfs that, when given a start and an end node, uses depth-first search to return a path between them.

    For example,

    >(dfs 'a 'g)
    (A C F E G)
    >(dfs 'f 'g)
    (F E G)
    >(dfs 'e 'c)
  6. Using a 3x3 array to represent a tic-tac-toe board, write the successors function that, when given a board configuration and a player's token as arguments, returns a list containing all of the next possible boards. Use nil to represent open positions. Use o and x to represent occupied positions.

  7. Tanimoto defined a heuristic evaluation function for tic-tac-toe boards as

    f = 100A + 10B + C - (100D + 10E + F),


    Implement Tanimoto's heuristic evaluation function as the Lisp function tanimoto. That is, when given a tic-tac-toe board represented as a 3x3 array, the function returns f.

Instructions for Electronic Submission

The name of the file containing your Lisp functions must be named main.lisp. In a file named HONOR, provide the following information:

In accordance with the class policies and Georgetown's Honor Code,
I certify that, with the exceptions of the course materials and those
items noted below, I have neither given nor received any assistance
on this project.

When you are ready to submit your project, create the zip file for uploading by typing:

$ zip main.lisp HONOR
Upload to Autolab. You can submit to the compile check p1c seven times. You can submit your assignment p1 twice, but you won't see the output from the autograder until I review, grade, and return your project.

Plan B

If Autolab is down, upload your zip file to Canvas.

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