Spring 2010

Clay Shields

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COSC 390

4:15 - 5:30
White Gravenor 206

Assignments, Projects, and Exams

  • Project 1: The two Wireshark labs handed out in class: Introduction and HTTP
    Due February 1st, in class
  • Homework 2:
    • Complete the Seattle Take Home Assignment. For this, please turn in a screen shot or print out of the connectivity graph created in Step 9 and a brief description of what you found about your IP address in Step 11.
    • Textbook problems:
      Chapter 1: P5, P6, P24
      Chapter 2: P9, P18, P22
    Due February 10th, before class, by email or printed copy.
  • Project 2: The DNS Wireshark lab sent by email:
    Due February 17th, before class
  • Project 3: The TCP Wireshark lab sent by email:
    Due March 17th, before class
  • Homework 2a (oops, I messed up the numbering): Problems from text:
    Chapter 3: P14, P25, P37
    Chapter 4: P12, P17, P18, P24
    Due: March 31, in class or by email before class.
  • Project 4: IP Wireshark lab, sent by email or handed out in class
    Due April 19, in or before class
  • Project 5: Ethernet Wireshark Lab handed out in class.
    Textbook Problems:
    Chapter 5: P1, P13, P17
    Chapter 6: P1, P7
    Due May 3rd, before class.


Instructor and TA Information

  • Instructor: Clay Shields
    Office Hours: Tuesday 2:00 - 3:30
    Contact: Information here


All my courses are run under the same set of policies which are available here. Students are expected to read and understand these policies. You can also read the Honor Council site.



Description and Grading

  • Description:
    This course introduces the concepts and principles of data communications and computer networking. Topics covered include wired and wireless data transmission, local and wide area networks, internetworking, packet and circuit switching, routing, protocols and layering, TCP/IP, the domain name system, client-server interaction, network applications, and network management and security. Prerequisite: COSC 072

  • Grading:
    • Homeworks and programming exercises: 55%
    • Midterm exam: 20%
    • Final exam: 25%