Spring 2009

Clay Shields

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Network Security

4:15 - 6:45
St. Mary's, Room 324



Course Information

Clay Shields, contact information here.

This class, like all my classes, are subject to my course policies. Students are expected to understand these policies. If you have any questions, ask ahead of time.
Background Reading Quizzes 5%
Paper Presentations 20%
Short projects and Homeworks 15%
Semester project 35%
Take Home Final Exam - due May 5th, 4PM 25%
There is no required text for this class. Instead, readings will be posted online, on the readings web page.

Some of these readings are book chapters that are available on the web through the Library at the http://library.georgetown.edu/, select the Databases tab, then select Computer Science from the list and scroll down.

There are also two books that are available for free online, which are excellent and which will be using chapters from. They are:

Security Engineering

Handbook of Applied Cryptography

A look at network protocols and devices with an eye towards how they are designed and how they function, what security problems have been discovered in the past, what problems may still be lurking, and the design of secure systems. This course is intended for graduate students who wish to understand network security well enough to conduct research in the area. Topics include: overview of network protocols and devices; overview of cryptography; security threats in networks; known problems in TCP/IP; authentication protocols and formal methods for analyzing protocols; key management and use; anonymity; attack traceback; intrusion detection; SSL and attacks against it; routing security for unicast and multicast routing; DNS security; wireless security; network malware; denial of service.