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I'm attempting to flip bits until they spell PhD. I received my BS and MS from IIT where I was a member of the IIT Information Retrieval Lab lead by Ophir Frieder. I am currently being advised by Ophir at Georgetown University. I toy with machine learning, information retrieval, and (hopefully) security.

contact info

(jjs246 at georgetown dot edu) -- cv


  1. J. Soo, A Non-Learning Approach to Spelling Correction in Web Queries, 22nd International World Wide Web Conference (WWW), Rio de Janerio, Brazil, May 2013. (to appear)
  2. J. Soo, O. Frieder, On Foreign Name Search, 32nd European Conference on Information Retrieval (ECIR), Milton Keynes, UK, March 2010. (22% acceptance rate, single track)
  3. Cathey, Rebecca and Soo, Jason and Frieder, Ophir and Amir, Michlean and Frieder, Gideon, Worldwide Accessibility to Yizkor Books, Next Generation Information Technologies and Systems, Springer Berlin / Heidelberg, Vol. 5831, 2009
  4. J. Soo, R. Cathey, O. Frieder, M. Amir, and G. Frieder, Yizkor Books: A Voice for the Silent Past, ACM Seventeenth Conference on Information and Knowledge Management (CIKM), Napa Valley, California, October 2008. (16% acceptance rate) [PDF]
  5. J. Soo, O. Frieder, Segments: A sub-string matching system, JASIST, pending




Academic Honesty

I stole all my source code from Yacin Nadji.